Hey hey! My first time at the newest (for me) gallery in Victoria!

Polychrome Fine Arts.

I was in Victoria, hitting the streets with a vague list of galleries to check out. I had to go to Moss Street too. The “big” gallery. And I was walking and I had read that Polychrome was on Fort Street. But by the time I reached Cook Street I figured I was skunked. That I’d missed it or maybe it had already closed. But no there it was right beside the auctioneer’s place. I took a photo, yes that one above, and I went in. The proprietor’s were there. Sitting on a couch and eating lunch. Talking quietly to one another. Sometimes when you go into these places it’s really uncomfortable. Especially if you’re like me and just a little bit shy around people who are, you know, hip and arty. But they were cool. They were just there. Doing their thing. Maybe even feeling the same way? Anyhoo. I looked at the paintings. All paintings. And this folks is the place. Right now and until, well, I think maybe the middle of September, is a group show called Hobnob. It’s fucking fantastic. The gallery space. I have no idea. It was a room. Who cares. The paintings were everything I want in painting. Strange, unusual, filled with drawing and pale mystery. Creative! Now now, no need getting poetic. It’s worth going down and looking. If you’re a painter. If you just love painting. This is the place. I’m going to be keeping an eye on these guys.