It’s confirmed. I am a lover of art. Perhaps it seems obvious already that I love art. Why else look at art, why write about art? I know, it’s a silly sort of question and yet when I stood in the Deluge gallery yesterday staring at Rebekah Johnson’s sculptural piece, I very nearly cried. My knees shook, I know that. My eyes moistened. My throat constricted. Really, I cried.

So, how does crying in front of two tubes of wax, a sheet of frosted plexiglass and two flourescent light tubes confirm my art loving status? That’s the hard part. That’s what the big name art writers get paid the big name dollars to write. You know me, big name isn’t me. So bear with me and let me tell you, humbly, what I think.

Two tubes of wax, a sheet of frosted plexiglass and two flourescent light tubes. I believe this may be the most perfect work of art I have ever seen. I do not know the title, mind. That really lovely man who is always there at Deluge was actually in the process of compliling that very list, titles and materials, when I arrived. I thought, just in passing, about grabbing him by his very cute plaid collar and demanding the information, but then, luckily, it occured to me that this wordlessness is a mystery, a mystery that completes the perfection. The greatness of this piece of art was increased by accident, but nevertheless, it is increased through wordlessness.

This nameless piece of art, it glows. The flourescents are alight, but placed directly behind the tubes of wax, with the plexiglass in between. What you see are two long tall dull tubes in front of a glowing white rectangle. Upon closer inspection you see that the dull tubes are wax and the light is flourescent. There is beauty here, my friends. There is a beautiful profundity, a simplicity, a minimalism with much to suggest about our lives now, and the ways in which we live, now.

Remember the past? That dream for the future. We made our own light, there was no grid. When I stood looking, through my tears, at this configuration of flourescent light and plastic and wax, I saw a cabin, a farm, a family, a warm room, a soft yellow glowing light. I was transported to a place, some place I might have been once, in another life. Some place I might like to be again.

That is why I am confirmed as an art lover, because I can see in these materials a disparate reality. It is not easy to see, but it is worth trying. I left that show so high, so full of love for everyone. So full of gratitude for the experience that is art.

Raw is a group show. There are a number of wonderful, charming and funny works of art there right now. Go, look, see.