Introducing the Balcony gallery.  The BALCONY gallery is the newest and, might I add, coolest art space in the city.  The balcony itself  belongs to Xchanges’ new gallery and studio space, which is located at 2333 Government St. in the middle of a concrete haven.  It’s not a new idea to put art on a balcony.  People do decorate their balconies with all sorts of things: lights, plants, garden art, bicycles, garbage cans, etc.  But more specifically, there was another balcony as gallery back in Toronto.  That was a project by James Carl, and it ran rather successfully it would seem for several years, right in the heart of Kensington Market.  So, this BALCONY is an art rip-off.  Yeah!  The art rip-off!

There are a couple of differences however and of course.  For instance, the Toronto balcony was located in a rather artsy locale.  The Victoria balcony intends to aid in the development of an artsy core.  Yes, an art core can exist anywhere, even in very close proximity to a DQ.  It’s the will that matters.  Second, the Toronto balcony was in Toronto.  Victoria is a slightly smaller city.  And we’re in BC; the land of mountains, totem poles and killer whales.  Yes, our BALCONY is pretty much in the middle of Victoria’s most industrial neighbourhood, but here in BC, one never really gets away from the supremacy of nature, and it shows in a lot of our art.  Last, the Toronto balcony was, essentially, a place to make art about advertising, about words and colours.  The Victoria BALCONY is all about the balcony in all it’s many evocations. 

Consider.  Romeo and Juliet.  The French Quarter.  Suicide! 

Come.  Make some art for the BALCONY gallery.