wow!  it’s been so long since i last wrote anything more than the oh so obvious and obviously banal shopping list kind’a thing that i’m feeling a little shaky on the old fingertips.  thanks the christ for the british columbia school system that insisted on at least one semester of grade 9 typing.  at least i know where to put my fingers.

and thanks also for an intrepid fellow and fellowess by the names of aubrey and anna, respectively, who very smashingly (it is the word du jour, don’t you know) organized a supremely interesting art crawl event, which i attended in company with Dr. Istvan and Bela Clark, just last night.

because i haven’t put font to file for such a very very long time i’m going to go easy on myself.  i’m gonna practice what they call in the 12 step business, self-compassion, by which i mean that i am by no means going to attempt to actually think and type at the same time.  i will merely provide you, lovely listener, with a series of photographs, taken last night with one trusty canon G5, along with a corresponding selection of notes.

behold!  the staircase at 614 1/2 fisgard street which leads to the very cool, how about uber (without the umlauts) cool, Olio Artists & Workers Cooperative.   this was my first time here and you know, i liked it.  the building smelled good, lightly spicy, like cinnamon, but better.  the workspace was clean, spiffed up, i guess for the crawl, but roomy and good.  good energy.  the people who i didn’t know looked similarily clean and good and i bet they smelled lightly spicy too.

 this is a view of Ground Zero printmaking studios, home (art home) to Alain Costaz and Victoria Edgarr.  what a lovely wonderful romantic and perfect art space.  and right above the fantan cafe!  a studio in chinatown really is the dream isn’t it?  all those stairways and mysterious doors and crooked corridors.  in case you didn’t know, which is doubtful, the man standing is Alain, the guy sitting is Noah Layne, who happens to be a very talented realist painter, and the girl with her back to the camera is Ashley Culver, a member of the VASA team who produced SCOPE on the Xchanges balcony.

monster party!  yeah!!  i love monster party.  i really do.  everything monster, everything squishy and odd and furry with lots of eyeballs and fingers.  this is a very fun place.  very small and very surprising.  i would have liked to stay and stay, but somehow, the feeling about the place, the angry kid with the can of blue pabst beer and a skateboard, for instance, was making me forget my real age and my real self, but it was fun for a few brief fleeting disorienting moments and i wanna go there again.  monster party is at 1322 broad street, studio d.

next stop: deluge.  deluge is very olio cooperative like, minus the spice.  very clean and neat.  very cerebral, if you know what i mean.  however, they do have a bathroom which opens right off the gallery space and somehow i like that.  it’s so bawdy, so toilet papery, so physical.  anyhow.  the people, deborah and her man, i think his name is todd, but i’m probably wrong, they seemed so tired.  but they had gin and they tonic.  and the show was kind of neat.  john luna, mr. ubiquitous himself, and tyler hodgins.  i’m not entirely sure what i think of the show, but this is not the time, although it certainly is the place.  stayed tuned, i guess.

 this is an image from the show currently on at open space, the true ground zero in terms of the off the grid art crawl.  this was one of my favourite art works from last night.  jamie drouin.  it’s a sound experience.  a whole body experience and a moment behind the scenes at some place you’ve been before last year or sometime in a field, some unexpected time in the dark, listening to feeling to a syncopated hum.  maybe one day i’ll get to meet this guy.  i hope so.

and our last stop for the night, and unfortunately we didn’t make it to all the galleries on the map, was xchanges.  of course, since i am at present affiliated with these guys, and a nicer bunch of artists you couldn’t really ever hope to meet.  above is a shot of laura dutton with her sunspot photos.  xchanges really is a hub.  every bit of that place is covered in art: the balcony, the hallways, the studios and the main gallery, all art, everywhere.  it’s beautiful.  

whoo!  i’m tired.