a year's worth of aluminum circles

Every once in a while, artists need to indulge in a little self promotion.  That’s what today’s post is all about.

I am currently showing an installation piece, called a year’s worth of beer cans and/or Aluminum Circles (it’s unclear why the show has more than one name, but I’ve noticed that it does) @ the Ministry of Casual Living (located @ 1442 Haultain St.)  until Saturday evening.

So, you see it’s almost too late.


Here is my statement and a few photos from inside the window and without.


a year’s worth of beer cans

A little over a year ago, when I decided to stop drinking, I started to notice that a lot of people in recovery mark their early sobriety (and other life experiments) by writing books.  I wanted to do something too.

I’d been fooling around with beer cans for a couple of months at that time, drinking the beer and then taking the cans apart and making little fish scale kinds of objects.  It was surprising to see the inside of a beer can for the first time.  The aluminum has such a soft glow and is so responsive to the light; it reminded me of a living being; a fish, maybe, or a silver lizard, or an egg sac, or a beautiful and unusual fungus.

I decided to continue collecting and converting the cans.  I started making them into circles.  It seemed at first like penance.  After a while the circles became undemanding; my hands learned how to make the cut.  I spent a lot of the first year cutting circles, over and over.  It was the meditative act of making (and learning) that shape that was most important.

It was an obsession, like alcohol and other drugs are sometimes an obsession, but the results were quieter, more prayerful and infinitely more beautiful.

Christine Clark

March 2011

down the wall and on to the floor

from outside

Also a link to Exhibit V’s blog where you can find two essays about this show, written by Debora Allana and Phil Willey.