Last Wednesday, I was at Xchanges looking through the archives for the names of past members.  We’re planning the annual Xchanges fundraiser and we thought it would be a good idea to invite some of the many many co-founders and past members to donate some artwork.  Pat Martin Bates, for instance, was a co-founder back in the Signal Hill days.

When I arrived it turned out that Jillan Valpy, G-C, was there using the gallery (which is empty at the moment) to photograph some of her work.  Empty white walls are worth their weight in gold, don’t ya know.

Her studio was open and lit up and of course I couldn’t resist.

Later that same day, I was at Efren from ExhibitV‘s house for paella.  I was supposed to have been there the previous week for an official ExhibitV dinner, but diva-like, I somehow or other couldn’t find the party, and so Efren very kindly re-invited me for my own special dinner.  And while I was there, I was able to look into the studio space of the resident artist, Brad Pasutti.

I love Brad’s paintings.  They are not quite what they seem.  He builds the images as he paints.  In spite of how well drawn they look, they are not pre-planned.  This particular series reminds me of a cluttered attic.

The detritus of  collective lives stored in Brad’s mind.