I just wrote a short little article about the Off the Grid Art Crawl for the June issue of Focus and in doing so, was in contact with several galleries.

Many of the gallerists sent along artists images and so I thought I’d post them here to share.

For those of you who don’t know, Off the Grid Art Crawl, is an extravaganza of art, taking place in our City, this June 10th from 6pm onwards. Over 25 art venues will be open late into the evening, showing off their spaces and their art!

Here is a map of the crawl

And here’s some of what you can expect to see on the tour!

This is from Hinda Rosen’s series of paintings @ the Martin Batchelor gallery.  Hinda is a painter in her 70’s currently living in Vancouver.  The women in the paintings are her relatives, all of whom died in Nazi concentration camps during WWII.  The image is a little fuzzy, but I thought it was worth mentioning nevertheless.


“monster party is the mysterious little shop located in the back of talk’s cheap records. specializing in wacky horror and retro art,this gallery/novelty shop was designed like the set of a Saturday morning cartoon show . animation plays daily on a tv set surrounded by flower pot monster heads,fake wind up toys and dime store toys from hell . put a buck in the slot and you get to glance in the psychovision screen ! watch out for the plutonian eel fish though ! space girls,robots,monkey’s paws,rubber zombies and severed heads are quite at home here . are you….?”–from phil osborne @ monster party

Monster Party was one of my favorite venues from last year’s crawl.  Totally unexpected, totally outside of the “norm”, very fun and funny!


Showing at Olio Artists and Workers Coopertive will be Effigies by Sean Brookes.  A great space to visit, Olio is located in the Benevolent Building in China Town.  This is where the really pretty people hang out.


At Alcheringa will be The Bringer of Light, Love and Peace, shown above, as well as several other works by George Littlechild, a renowned Cree artist.  I love this guy (the one in the painting…I don’t know George).


Over at the fifty fifty we’ll see some of Lee McLure’s work.  The one above is called HAHA OHNO; a bit Dickensian looking, I think.


And last, but of course, not least, for the landscape lovers, of which there are quite a few, is Nicholas Bott showing at Madrona Gallery.


Just a small sampling, but still amazingly diverse.  It’s a great art town!

So, hope to see you out there, hitting the galleries…that’s what I’m doing and looking forward to it, too!  Art Crawl here we come!!