move it on over

From the Vancouver based art collective, DRIL, comes Move It On Over, a tumbleweed installation.

Built behind the false wall in Open Space, Move It On Over incorparates the appearance of a suburban living room, but with a tumbleweed twist.

In the plush rocking chair, just like the one my Grandma’s second husband used to sit in, is a tumbleweed.

On the big, old school, cabinet TV, is a continuous montage of tumbleweeds, edited together from something like 900 Westerns (at least that’s what I was told–amazing to think of watching that many Westerns!).

Inside a glass ball ( I think usually reserved for rose displays) and perched atop a pedestal table, is a tumbleweed.

And…(dum dum dum) the thing that turns this installation from something charming and quirky into something rather foreboding and oppressive, is the ceiling made entirely of tumbleweeds.  I’m not very tall, 5’4″ (or so) and the ceiling is so low that I barely cleared, or at least that ‘s how it felt.  The only way to feel comfortably comfortable was to sit down on the area carpet (beige of course).

I can think of some kids I’ve known who spent an awful lot of time sitting in front of TVs in otherwise darkened houses.  But I suppose a lot of adults like to watch Westerns as well.  However, it’s an incredibly forlorn image; dusty, empty; a human being alone in the dark watching men (usually men) struggle with a town, some criminals, a lady, a land, “the Wild West”.

DRIL includes  Dylan McHugh, Rachel White, Ian Prentice and Leisha O’Donohue.   Also at Open Space is Drifter’s Clip by Jeremy Borsos.

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