At VISA (Vancouver Island School of Art) on Saturday, when I went to pick up my aluminum beer can circles, which looked like this….

aluminum circles--after Buffet

…I saw a lot of activity.  I was sorry to leave actually.  The vibe is so artful and fun.  John Luna was there, pacing the hallways with his hands all covered in black smudgy paint.  He was conducting a painting workshop, and we spoke for a bare moment about the studio space he’d used at the school for a while; the old nurse’s room.  It’s charming to think of reusing old spaces for art making; one thinks of the past and the reverberations.  A palimpsest, of sorts.

In the gallery, the Slide Room,  a group of women, Sarah Houghton, Anne-Marie McPartlin, Tanta Pennington and Marion Wallis, were preparing for their graduating show.  One of these women, who’s name I don’t know, was painting her drawing installation in a small alcove under the stairs.  Another, Tanta, was moving her various pieces of black, white and silver sculpture into the room.

tanta pennington's work for presence of mind

Outside, I saw another really lovely little installation, author and origin unknown, but which I will show here in honour of Wendy Welch’s new blog, called On The Way To School, which is a daily collection of random and artful things she sees on her way to and from work as VISA’s director.

outside VISA, artist unknown

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