• Greenwashing (green whitewash) is the practice of companies disingenuously spinning their products and policies as environmentally friendly, such as by presenting cost cuts as reductions in use of resources. It is a deceptive use of green PR or green marketing. …

Kentucky Perfect by Robert Hengeveld

Kentucky Perfect by Robert Hengeveld, a grass machine, that apparently, lights, waters and cuts growing grass.  When I was there, last week, big patches of the grass was dying, so, I propose that Robert add a re-seeding component to the machine, because after all, even the most well tended of grasses have a life span.


a green map

Redefining Greenwashing, this map invites participants to chart the expansion and existence of real green initiatives around Victoria–farms, eco-biz and public water facilities, to name a few.


H2OMG! by Marlene Jess

A true greenwash investigation, H2OMG! is an outreach program, wherein Marlene Jess is bottling and distributing public water from various public water fountains to draw attention to the fact that, no, drinking public water from plastic bottles is not good for you or for the environment no matter how hard Coca Cola tries to sell it.


a plant man, detail, by Scott Evans


plant man, Scott Evans

An eco-system made up of a jungle of plants, so-called weeds and other things too, in the shape of a human body.  It’s like the face in the mountains, or the end of life.  Entropy.  We are all one.  For a while human, later we are bugs or trees or birds, maybe stars.


For more artists and projects check out the Open Space website.  There are plenty of opportunities to participate.