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Probably one of the most interesting aspects of meeting artists, seeing their work, their spaces and hearing their thoughts about art making, is the similarities between people, regardless of how different the art.  Interviewing Blu Smith for Focus magazine, I was surprised to hear that his work is all about the material, the paint and the brushes, essentially.  He refused to concede that his work might actually be about his thoughts, his experiences, his emotions, even, about life, and particularly about his life.  Although his approach is slightly less intellectual, and although his work sells in a commercial gallery, this idea of the material as a blockade of sorts between the artist and the viewer, perhaps even between the artist and himself, reminded me very much of Daniel Laskarin’s work.  It’s shocking to realize that the artist behind powerful and seemingly emotionally driven art, feels almost no need to discuss what seems so obvious, and not only that, but it’s almost as if the obvious isn’t at all obvious.  It seems to come as entirely unexpected.

It’s a bit simplistic really, what I’m writing right now, but it’s interesting.