Several months ago I invited a group of artists to come and install sculpture in the garden where I live.  Wonderfully, everyone I asked, agreed.  4 acres of gardens, lawns, forests and beaches right in Deep Cove, previously owned by an English woman, named Mary Martin, this is a magical place full of trees and birds and newts and racoons.  This weekend only it’s full of art too.  Mary died last year, aged 91, after 40 years of tending this land, and her garden is up for sale.  My husband and I rent a cottage here.  We’ve lived here for about 8 years.  We’ve been blessed and blessed again, living here with the trees, and I’m glad that Mary’s sons, especially David and Chuck, were so kind to let me share this space with other artists.

Todd Lambeth.  Surveyor’s stakes in a grey scale.

Christine Clark.  Cabbages (paper and paint)

Debora Alanna.  White on black, in the pond.

Elyse Portal.  Clay pieces in the trees.

Tyler Hodgins.  Tent City in miniature.

Troi Donnelly.  Nonsense words and plastic cones.

Wendy Welch.  Chairs.

John Luna.  String and other things.

Michael Jess.  Burial Performance–time capsule.

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