At Xchanges Gallery, opening this night, is Give ‘Em The Chair, by Marcia Perkins.  I was there yesterday helping a fellow artist install his work on the Balcony and felt so pleased at the over all appearance of Marcia’s show.  In fact, this is almost my ideal art show…no, not almost, this is really an ideal show.  Minimal, pale, elegant.  Controlled, but limpid.  I love it!

The portraits done during the Wednesday morning drawing sessions at Xchanges are lovely, delicately rendered pencil studies of men and women posing in a chair; the same chair every time, a green cushioned, wood framed chair that happens to be a favourite amongst people attending business meetings at Xchanges.  I know.

The title is ok, but somehow it seems superfluous.  I can’t really imagine how the reverberating suggestion of electrocuting  criminals (and others) works with this very serene showing of drawings.  Surely being the subject of an artist’s pencil is not so traumatic as that?  I realize that it’s fun to have a quirky title, but maybe something simple like, Drawings, would have been more in keeping. I mean it matters, doesn’t it?  What words mean?

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