@ Ground Zero Printmakers Tonight!

In a recent email Kathy wrote,

Here are three photos from the printing process and one scan of a completed print with calligraphy added as the last step.   My Dad worked as an Ontario Land Surveyor from 1949 – 1999 hence the pieces of the Ontario map on each of the 13 prints.  The photos are taken from his childhood into old age.  He has a long list of accomplishments and is a hero to many, including me of course!  I made 9 sets of these prints which will all be packaged in a hand made portfolio and given to each of my 6 sibilings and my parents for Christmas (I will keep the extras). That’s the project in a nutshell! 

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Hurry!  Head down to Chinatown and see this nostalgic and poignant series, or check out more of Kathy’s work on her website.